The Popcorn and Pop Culture Podcast is comprised of Rob Eng and Mike Sheehan, two everyday-guys who love to talk about movies, television and entertainment news. They were the creators of the On the Movie Front Podcast in 2011 when they were roommates and have decided to get back in front of the microphone once again. Though they are now long-distance pen pals, technology still allows them to podcast weekly.

Rob fell in love with movies during college when he attended a screenwriting course on his way to a degree in journalism. His professor challenged him to analyze films based on their foundation: the screenplay. Rob never watched a movie the same way again. He has dabbled in amateur film-making, but has made it a mission to embrace everyone’s opinions on movies and television shows through his own voice. Podcasts became the outlet he needed to reach as many people who are willing to listen.

Mike has an impressive DVD collection of over 1,000 titles in his library. He has loved movies ever since he was a little boy who would go to the movie theater on the weekends and visit Blockbuster on a weekly basis. He has also directed a number of local theater productions, all to acclaim. Even though Mike moved away from where he grew up, he still keeps in touch with Rob as they explore the entertainment universe.

Fun Fact: Rob and Mike actually recorded a song together during their time as roommates. If you ask, they’ll probably let you listen to it.