We both completed the first season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and couldn’t wait to talk about it! For this episode, we rank the characters from the first season who Hannah talks about on her tapes and try to determine who is the “worst” character (meaning, the most evil). We then conclude by talking about what we liked and disliked about the first season, and what we’re expecting from the second season.

Play or download the episode here. 

Rob’s Rankings: 

1. Bryce (WORST)
2. Sheri
3. Mr. Porter
4. Justin
5. Courtney
6. Jessica
7. Ryan
8. Marcus
9. Alex
10. Tyler
11. Zach
12. Clay Jensen (Not the worst)

Mike’s Rankings:

1. Bryce (WORST)
2. Justin
3. Tyler
4. Sheri
5. Mr. Porter
6. Marcus
7. Alex
8. Courtney
9. Ryan
10. Zach
11. Jessica
12. Clay (Not the worst)