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August 2016

Episode 04: #Fav7Films

The hashtag #fav7films was trending on Twitter recently and thousands of people responded by tweeting their seven favorite films. Mashable collected the data and released the statistics, revealing the Top 15 films mentioned during the trending topic. Is your favorite film on the list? We discuss the movies that made the cut.

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Episode 03: Jurassic Park CG

Released in 1993, Jurassic Park took the world by storm with its epic story about a dinosaur-themes amusement park. But what holds true today is that even after technology has improved, the computer graphics in Jurassic Park is still breathtaking. We talk about the CG from Jurassic Park and its part in cinematic history.

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Episode 02: Is Daryl Alive?

The Walking Dead revealed a teaser for the upcoming seventh season, and it possibly indicates the uncertain fate for fan-favorite character, Daryl. Listen to us discuss who we think Negan killed and other thoughts on the popular zombie show on AMC.

Note: this post contains spoilers to The Walking Dead.

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Episode 01: R-rated animated movies

Welcome to the very first episode of the Popcorn and Pop Culture Podcast! In this episode we talk about the success of the recent film, “Sausage Party” and discuss whether or not we thing that R-rated animated films have a future in Hollywood. Enjoy!

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Check out our next episode where we talk about The Walking Dead’s teaser for Season 7.

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