Episode 50 – Jordan Spieth wins again!

This episode we talk about golf! We are both huge golf lovers and have fun recapping Jordan Spieth’s recent win at The Open Championship. We talk about his epic bogey on the 13th and how he came storming back to win his third major in five years! How many majors do we feel Spieth can win in his career? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 49: Summer Box Office Update

This episode we update the summer box office wager we made before May of 2017. With most of the films already in theaters, we have a better look at which predictions were accurate and which were completely off.

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Episode 48: Emmy Nominations

This episode we discuss the nominations to the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. We recap who got nominated and talk about who were the biggest surprises and the biggest snubs from the announcement.

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Episode 47: Emmy Talk – Comedy Series

This episode we discuss some of the strongest comedy shows of the past year that might receive a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. Then we talk about some of our favorite comedic performances for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

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Episode 46: Emmy Talk – Drama Series

The Emmy Awards nominations are announced Thursday, July 13, 2017. This episode we discuss what television shows we feel have the best chance at scoring a nomination and which shows we feel might get snubbed. Then we discuss some of our favorite acting performances from the past year that might receive nominations as well.

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Episode 45: Mid-Year Awards 2017

It’s the halfway point of 2017 so we decided to discuss some of our favorite moments so far from the year. We each had three different picks: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Check out if your favorite moment of the year made our episode!

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Rob’s Picks: 

Gold: Moonlight wins Best Picture
Silver: Noah Hawley dominates television
Bronze: The Good Place finale

Mike’s Picks: 

Gold: Man Seeking Woman Season 3
Silver: The Leftovers Season 3
Bronze: Get Out

Episode 44, Part 2: High School Movies

During the second part of our high school movies episodes, we pair more films with high school subjects. We also take some common high school related topics, such as detention and flirting, and pair them with movies/scenes of our choice. Finally, find out what our favorite high school films are.

Here are the subjects/topics covered in this episode: Music, Health/Sex Ed, Detention, Flirting, Senior Pranks, Studying for a Final Exam.

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Episode 44, Part 1: High School Movies

School is out! To celebrate all of the students enjoying their summer break, we go through some of the common high school subjects and pair them up with movies and scenes of our choice. Also, find out what kind of teenagers Mike and Rob were when they were in high school themselves.

Here are the subjects covered this episode: Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education.

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Episode 43: Ranking the Characters on 13 Reasons Why

We both completed the first season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and couldn’t wait to talk about it! For this episode, we rank the characters from the first season who Hannah talks about on her tapes and try to determine who is the “worst” character (meaning, the most evil). We then conclude by talking about what we liked and disliked about the first season, and what we’re expecting from the second season.

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Rob’s Rankings: 

1. Bryce (WORST)
2. Sheri
3. Mr. Porter
4. Justin
5. Courtney
6. Jessica
7. Ryan
8. Marcus
9. Alex
10. Tyler
11. Zach
12. Clay Jensen (Not the worst)

Mike’s Rankings:

1. Bryce (WORST)
2. Justin
3. Tyler
4. Sheri
5. Mr. Porter
6. Marcus
7. Alex
8. Courtney
9. Ryan
10. Zach
11. Jessica
12. Clay (Not the worst)

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