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Oscar Doctor – The Case AGAINST All Best Picture Nominees

The Oscar Doctor takes a look at all nine Best Picture nominees and tells you why you should NOT bet on them to win Best Picture. Of course, there has to be a winner, but the Doctor makes his case against all of the nominees. Do not fill out your Oscar pools without listening to this episode!

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EP63 – Black Mirror Season 4

This episode, Mike and Rob rank their favorite Black Mirror episodes from Season 4, and then dive into a discussion about the technology used, the characters they loved, and the overarching themes from the whole season.

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Rob’s Rankings:

1. USS Callister
2. Hang the DJ
3. Black Museum
4. Arkangel
5. Metalhead
6. Crocodile

Mike’s Rankings:

1. Hang the DJ
2. Crocodile
3. USS Callister
4. Black Museum
5. Arkangel
6. Metalhead

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EP62 – Best Picture/Best Director

What a year it was for movies in 2017! This episode, we talk about the nominees for Best Director and if Guillermo del Toro is a lock to win. We also mention a number of directors that we feel were snubbed for the award. Then we dive into the Best Picture nominations, give our predictions, and if there will be another upset like last year when Moonlight won over La La Land.

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EP61 – Best Lead Actress/Actor

This episode, Rob and Mike talk about the lead acting categories. They make their predictions for Best Leading Actress and Bead Leading Actor, and also discuss some performances they wish were nominated.

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EP60 – Best Supporting Actress/Actor

Rob and Mike discuss the categories for Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor. They make their predictions, comment on their favorite performances of the year, and provide insight on some upset potential. They both feel confident that the Oscars will match the SAG awards winners. Do you agree with their opinions?

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EP59 – Movies to Watch 2018

This episode, Mike and Rob try to predict what movies they are looking forward to the most in 2018. Last year, Rob went 0-for-3 in his guesses and Mike went 1-for-3. Can they improve on their disastrous predictions from last year? Warning, these two do not mention superhero films this episode because they have better taste than that.

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EP58 – Oscar Nominations 2018

This episode, Rob and Mike react to the Oscar nominations that were announced on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018. They go over the surprises and snubs from the nominations and they give some of their biggest takeaways from the announcements. Rob was surprised that Martin McDonagh didn’t get nominated for Best Director, while Mike does not believe that The Boss Baby was nominated for Best Animated Feature. Listen up for plenty of more comments, including why this group of nominations is making Oscar history.

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Oscar Doctor – Reaction to the Oscar Nominations

The Oscar Doctor is here to give his reaction to the Oscar nominations, which were announced on the morning of January 23, 2018. He goes through the biggest snubs and surprises from the announcement and gives his early prediction for Best Picture.

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The Recap with Rob – The Fosters, The Good Place, The Good Doctor

Rob recaps the latest episodes from The Fosters, The Good Place, and The Good Doctor.

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